-Project 13-
The LED Project
I'm always switching up the artwork I create because of getting bored. If something becomes too repetitive
and too easy, I simply lose interest real fast. With this LED project, it's one of the most challenging
art projects I have ever attempted.  Due to this fabrication process and the use of many technologies and
techniques, I will be wearing many hats till the completion, from illustrator/designer to practical machinist to electronic
programmer/engineer and fabricator. Be sure to come back as see the project as it gets further in completion.

View work here

-Project 12-
The Best of the Best 
So I have been lacking on updating my current work to exclusionary and finally
found some time to showcase the best of what I have been doing recently. 

View work here

-Project 11-

 Mini Paintings
This project started with out with me discovering Artist Trading Cards
and from that point I discovered my love to Illustration board. I then set out on
a goal to create 50 individual "Mini Paintings"
All painting's were created with watercolor, Japanese ink
and various pens and pencils.


-Project 10-

A Collection of various
Random Watercolors

-Project 9-

Watercolor Books
This project sort of evolved after completing several watercolors in 2 of my watercolor
Moleskin books. With the books containing 132 pages together, I have made the decision to
focus purely on both books until they completed. My end goal in to publish both books into
one final book. At the current moment, I'm roughly around 1/3 complete.

-Project 8-
The Devil Babies

When I first started the concepts for the Devil Babies, I wanted to portray a fine
balance between good and evil. Once I decided on an official look for the
Devil Baby, I wanted to choose a soft comforting color. Once my concepts were
complete it was time to start creating acts of mischief for the Devil Babies.
I ended up creating 25 devilish acts based off personal experience,

experiences of others and fantasy.

-Project 7-
Childhood Nightmares
As children growing up, most of us have experienced nightmares.
These nightmares give us a very small glimpse of what our
subconscious minds are capable of doing. What we experience in a nightmare
is very hard for another person to understand and follow.

With that said, I thought it would be interesting to visually
snap a still frame of the nightmare's I had as a child and
recreate these images for others to witness.


(Press on any of the images to view larger)

These are the 8 nightmares I remember the most.
They all are rendered using pencil, inkwashes and pen.

I realized that these images once completed, didn't fully
capture the true darkness of my nightmare's.
I then decided that color was needed to take these images
to the next level.

(Press on any of the images to view larger)

All images were colored in Photoshop and then tweaked using Flash.

Although nightmares are typically haunting and affect most of us,
as growing children. I am a firm believer in facing your fears
and turning the bad into good. I no longer have the haunting nightmare's
as I did as a child.

I hope you enjoy these fascinating images, that helped me
understand and come face to face with my personal nightmare's as a child.

-Project 6-
Odd Little Creatures

Felt/10x8x4 inches
Felt/10x8x3 inches
Felt/11x9x5 inches
Felt/14x18x5 inches
(Press on any of the images to view larger)

In this project, I wanted to take my random sketches and really give them life.
Once the basic sketch was complete I proceeded to cut the
patterns of my characters from felt. Once my patterns were complete, I
began sewing them together inside out, in-order to hide my cut edges.
After the sewing was complete, I stuffed them all to give them life and then took
photos of them in the real world.

-Project 5-
Penguins With

Penguins have this typecast of being cute little animals in today's world.
Well forget what you know about this adorable penguin and watch
how they vandalize a couple of farm silos and threaten Santa Clause.

(Press on any of the above pictures to view the whole series)

Project 4
Ugliness Backed by


In this series of work "Ugliness Backed by Confidence" it all started
with your good old fashion sketch. I then proceeded to capture this image
with acrylic paints and paint markers on canvass.

After completing this painting, I was inspired to sculpt
this character and experiment with making a rubber mold to make multiple copies.

Once my master rubber mold was completed, I started
pouring plaster into the rubber thus replicating my original sculpture. I then
used spray paint and paint markers to give life and detail.

-project 3-
The Middle East
"Good vs Bad"

With war being so prevalent in this day and age, one can't escape
from thinking about it. So in this series of work, I researched as much as I could
about the Middle East and it's history, thus creating 4 mixed medium paintings
that come together as one.

All images together as one.

-Project 2-

Easter Sacrifice

"Easter Sacrifice" is the study of the Easter Bunny and it's glory, undermineded by upset
Chicks and the Peace Dove. Witness the tragedy as the power is sacrificed.

(Press on any of the above pictures to view the whole series)


-Project 1-
Habitual Obstruction

"Habitual Obstruction" was originally created with ink wash pencils then
transformed into vector images, thus providing a visual landscape of movement, emotion, and theme.


All Images Copyrighted 1976-2007
Jasper Stevens Thomas